Assamese Friendship Bracelets


Find out where the exclusive Tea India friendship bracelets come from and the women behind them.

At Tea India, we work with a number of Indian tea estates to source the best black tea for our delicious range of chai. The tea pickers at these estates work extremely hard in the hot Indian weather to help us source the perfect blend.

Earlier in the year we learned that in addition to being fantastic tea pickers, the ladies of the tea estates we work with are also highly creative, particularly in making friendship bracelets.

As a way of saying thank you to the dedicated tea pickers, we launched a competition to find the best bracelet designer in Assam, with the chance to win a new motorbike. The entries were all beautiful and it was clear a lot of time and effort had gone into each design.

From satin stitched with sequins, to beads threaded on string, we were spoiled for choice. Ultimately a design by 33 year old Reena Mondal from the Chubwa Tea Estate was chosen as the winner.

About Reena

Reena is the only earner in her family and looks after her elderly parents as her brother sadly passed away a few years ago, leaving her the sole responsibility of looking after her parents. She speaks Assamese, Bengali and Hindi.

Before winning the competition, Reena owned a bicycle, so her new scooter will open up a new world of freedom for her and her family.

In total over 18 women entered the competition and all were given new watches as a thank you for entering.