Benefits of Turmeric Chai

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Long before there were delicious golden milk lattes, there was haldi doodh – or turmeric milk (sometimes called golden milk or yellow milk). It’s a staple of childhood in most Indian households and our Turmeric Chai is a nod to this tradition.

While our chai is authentic, it was created to be indulgent and delicious with the benefits of turmeric, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric also may help boost the immune system.

The Benefits of Turmeric

Our master blender, Jimmy, shares the story behind this authentic recipe:

“As a young child growing up in a Parsee household in the heart of Kolkata, India, I always dreaded it when I had stomach upsets or, for that matter, any symptoms of not feeling too well.

Not because I wasn’t thrilled to stay at home and miss school, but the thought of another dreaded “Grandmother remedy” from the past coming into play.

In the days gone by when social media was non- existent (only radio broadcasts and books to read up), these down the ages communicated by word of mouth concoctions, were put together with spices and other ingredients, were the bane of every little kids lives.

Out came the packet of “Haldi” from the kitchen shelf (Turmeric is called Haldi in India), spoonfuls went immediately into a tall glass of hot cow’s milk, mixed and stirred till it all dissolved and down our throats it had to go. Not in slow leisurely slips but in gulps and in one motion, no excuses were tolerated under their sharp supervision, down the hatchet it had to go.

It was bad enough that it meant a full glass of thick whole milk but the taste was just so overpowering with the astringency of Haldi in it.

It brought a smile (actually more of a chuckle) on my face when I was started creating the Turmeric Chai blend for the Tea India range as it brought back so many memories from my childhood.

Grandma was right, it does help.

Unlike the roughly put together recipe of just milk and Turmeric, we’ve created a product not just to have the desired health benefit effect but to taste good as well, using Grandma’s remedy spices, better known today as Ayurveda spices, each of which has a part to play in our wellbeing, be it in the form of anti -oxidants, dietary fibres or so many more advantages.”

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