Our top 5 Scaramanga picks this January

We love Scaramanga's unique collection of vintage housewares, satchels and accessorize. Here are our top 5 pics for Spring.

Our top 5 Scaramanga picks this January image


Carl Morenikeji came across on old iconic vintage leather satchel whilst traveling in India.  Inspired by the style and quality, he sought out artisans who would use the traditional methods and tools to recreate modern leather satchels.  Additionally, he started sourcing vintage furniture and thus Scaramanga became what it is today; a lifestyle brand handcrafting classic leather bags and supplying unique vintage furniture. 

Scaramanga currently have 2 large warehouses in Fife for stock and have been fortunate enough have a high street presence with a shops in St. Andrews and Edinburgh.  They work with the same artisans that Carl met when he first recreated the iconic satchel in 2006; honoring these long-standing relationships is what makes their foundation.  Scaramanga are constantly working with them to sample ideas that the design team come up with so they can offer a growing and varied collection of bags to their loyal customers.  All their leather is ethically sourced and fairly traded with the artisans they work with.

A rare quality that makes Scaramanga a little different is that Carl still hand selects each piece of furniture scaramnaga sells.  He travels to different parts of the world to source interiors and furniture and always brings back some real treasures.  Each piece is old, but it was built to last with the amazing craftsmanship of eras past. Scaramanaga really appreciate that, as do their customers.  



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