Festive Wish List

Make your Christmas special with our top gift picks.

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With Christmas just a few short weeks away, here is our wish list for everything we need for a wonderful 2016.

The sweet treat

Our friends at divine have been tantalising out taste buds all year, so what better gift this Christmas than a selection of rich Divine dark chocolate. What a divine #chaiandchocolate moment that would be.

The yoga mat

Help kick off the new year’s resolutions with a yoga mat that’s sure to get you out of bed and into downward dog quicker that you can say Adho Mukha Svanasana. Asquith’s Marrakesh print yoga mat will do just that.

The journal

Plan those summer escapes, or sketch out your thoughts with a beautiful sari notebook from Scaramanga. Fill it with all your dreams for the year, and flick back on the memories in years to come.

The perfect mug

Nothing makes a chai moment better than the perfect mug to enjoy it from. Peacocks and a pop of red make this mug from Anthropologie the perfect vessel for our spicy chai.

The caddy

What would the perfect mug be without the perfect chai to go with it. Our chai promises the authentic taste of India and this festive season you can get a free Tea India caddy with 40 Masala Chai teabags for a limited time.

However you’re spending the festive season, we hope it is filled with laughter and light.

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