How to Create the Perfect Garden Oasis

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Garden, courtyard, or balcony? Whatever the size of your outside space we’re here to help you transform this important area of your home into an authentically Indian oasis. We asked Carl Morenkeji, from Scaramanga, purveyors of reclaimed Indian furniture, for some top tips on how to create the Tea India vibe in your special space.


Find out how to create the perfect setting to sit back, relax and enjoy one of many delicious teas from the Tea India range

Tip 1: There’s really no secret to creating an individual outdoor oasis. Blend old with new, mix different materials – bare wood, with aged metal and natural fibres like jute. Try different colours to create an eclectic look.

Tip 2: It’s a balancing act – ensure no style, era or theme dominates your outdoor space. For a real harmonious look aim for equal measures of contrasting elements – both old and new. Try adding contemporary colour to traditional antique pieces.

Tip 3: Of course, you’ll need a table and chairs.

Our blue folding table is the perfect table for all occasions. Originally, used as wedding function tables. Suitable for indoor use too. I use one as an office desk. If you want a natural wooden try one of these with red legs:

For chairs I’d recommend these contrasting green wooden folding chairs: that have just arrived.

If space is limited or you’ve got a balcony try one of our vintage bistro tables. They work really well on balconies or small terraces.


Tip 4: Dressing your table with gorgeous tableware is where the fun begins. Our tableware includes colourful enamelled plates:

or old tin bowls:

and beautifully carved stone coasters:

Of course I’d recommend these simple versatile traditional Indian chai glasses: whether you’re using them for Tea India chai, Prosecco or pressed juices or Mojitos.

Create ambiance with our newly arrived stone marble bowls. Use them for serving snacks / hors d’oeuvres or as pieces for displaying table decorations.

Each bowl has an imperfectly perfect aged finish with time-worn chipped edges that makes each one totally unique.


Tip 5: With the table looking gorgeous it’s now time to create an exotic setting by surrounding the table with your favourite potted plants. Try windmill fan palms they’re hardy palms that will thrive around the UK in all temperatures Add tropical plants / trees for a touch of tropical calm. Pot them in one of our ‘star’ pots:

Create planters full of your favourite perennial flowering plants with our reclaimed old brick moulds:

Or go larger with old iron buckets:

Now sit back and enjoy your oasis of calm.

I hope these suggestions and my simple tips have inspired you to create your own garden oasis and of course no garden is complete.