International Yoga Day

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On Sunday 21st June 2020 we will be celebrating International Yoga Day with our Soulmates by bringing you a yoga filled day to take part in and enjoy!

Tune into our Instagram Live throughout the day for a variety of different classes.

8am – Reconnect to Nature & Feel Renewed with Emma Carter

9am – Pranayama & Meditation with Sudhir Rishi

10am – Connecting to the body with Mahesh Hayward, A Father’s Day Special

11am – The History of Chai with Jimmy Jal Medhora

12pm – Chin’s Kitchen Nankhatai Recipe 

5pm – Ode to the Light with Jacqueline Wigglesworth

7pm – Summer Solstice Cooling Yoga Nidra with Catherine Gallagher

As part of our long-term commitment to the communities where we source our teas, we will be asking those who join our classes to make a donation of how ever much they are willing to spend on a yoga class to Action Village India.

We have been working with Action Village India to support an education project, enabling 900 girls per year to continue their secondary education. However due to the Covid-19 pandemic this has been slowed down due to the girls not being able to go to school. In the meantime, Action Village India has launched the Solidarity Appeal to help support their partners in India who are working effortlessly to support the communities they work with, some of the poorest in India as they face social and economic challenges provoked by the precipitous lockdown. To learn more and donate visit their Just Giving page here.

Make sure you’ve got plenty of tea in stock to enjoy throughout the day whether it’s a cup of your favourite Chai or one of our Ayurveda blends suitable for your Dosha, shop now here.


The Tea India Team