London Chai Houses

Soulful Cities

“However you take yours, masala chai must massage the mind, soothe the soul and tickle the tastebuds. It’s the perfect balm for boisterous London life.”

Dive into the emerging trend of chai with this article which originally appeared in The Times of India

“A quality cup of masala chai is non-negotiable all over the subcontinent, and it’s safe to say that it’s becoming that way in London. Of course, us Brits’ long-running love affair with our beloved ‘builder’s brew’ (strong, sweet, milky tea) is well-documented; but now we’re slipping a little spice in along with the sugar.

Your first proper masala chai is a revelation – even more so if it’s discovered in adulthood, your fully-matured tastebuds instantly beguiled by the splendid sensation of the spicy tonic. I say ‘tonic’, for that’s just what it is; a marvellous medicine; a restorative with the power to both fortify the body and galvanize flagging spirits.

Perhaps our  conversion kicked off with Starbucks’ tautological Chai tea latte; a too-tall, poorly-spiced, pale imitation of the brilliant beverage from whence it took its name. It matters not what first lit the fire – because the growing demand means the capital is increasingly awash with places to find fine masala chai, whether served in fine china or tiny tumblers.”

Here are some of the best places in London to to enjoy a cup of chai:

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