Madras Café Unlocked

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Madras Café & Action Village India have partnered up to bring you an online gathering of food, festivities, music, solidarity & humanity to support rural communities in India.

This re-imagined event is in response to the cancellation of WOMAD Festival due to Covid-19.

The virtual festival itself took place last weekend however the full programme is still online and available to the public for FREE!

This week we have been checking out the activities and we thought we had to share with you some of our favourites.

Of course we couldn’t miss out on the Chai morning with Umesh Patel where Umesh teaches you how to make the perfect Masala Chai from scratch including his special ingredient. It’s a great way to learn more about the spices used.

In addition to the virtual event, they have also launched Madras Café Cookbook 2 with a delicious selection of authentically Indian recipes, visit here to buy it or to meet some of the Madras Café cooks and learn a few of their tantalising recipes watch the launch of the Food for Thought part of the programme.

We’ve already posted about this on our social media this week as we just couldn’t wait to share this one with you – Tales of the Tribes, storytelling from tribal India. Creative and beautifully illustrated tales to listen to whilst enjoying a cup of chai.

A festival wouldn’t be complete without a bit of dancing, so don’t miss out on the Kathak Dance Workshop with Meera Patel. It’s perfect for beginners as she takes you through some of the technical aspects of the authentic dance.

For the full agenda visit their programme here and you won’t be disappointed!