Office Yoga


Add more movement to your day with office yoga to combat poor posture and slouching.

Long office hours, the dreaded commute and Netflix marathons mean we are all at risk from spending too long sat down on a daily basis. Whilst many of us will counteract this with a LISS class at the gym, or a run in the park, the amount at time we spend sat at our desks could still be having a detrimental effect on our health.

With research suggesting that staying seated for too long is bad for your health regardless of how much exercise you do, it’s important to get more movement into your daily office routine.

Office space yoga workouts are a great way to get your body moving, and start fixing some of the damage all those hours of screen based work will have done to your posture and internal organs, as pore posture can contribute to respiratory, circulatory, and digestive problems.

Yoga Journal says “Yoga can help you break the hunching habit by teaching you to pay attention to your alignment, not just when you’re on the mat but all through the day. In addition, poses to counteract slouching can cultivate strength and suppleness in the muscles that support good postural alignment.”

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