The Tea India Story

Our master blenders Chirayu Booroah and Jimmy Jal Medhora have created a range of authentic tea blends inspired by their motherland, India. From Chai to Ayurveda blends they have created a tea to help you find joy, balance and contentment.

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Chirayu spent his childhood in Assam on the banks of the Brahmaputra River where he grew up appreciating the taste of Assam tea and the evocative smells of freshly made Chai.

The Authentic Taste of India

Chai has been served in India for centuries and working with Jimmy Jal Medhora, he has captured some of his favourite blends using black tea and spices in a teabag – ready for you to enjoy the authentic taste of India.

Our New Ayurvedic Blends

Ayurveda is the oldest-known system of medicine, rooted in India, dating back over 5000 years, ultimately guiding us to a holistic way of life. As the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda not only aims to treat the root cause of illness but uniquely focuses on preventative healthcare as a lifestyle. Chirayu and Jimmy have created a range of delicious Ayurvedic infusion to help you on your Ayurveda journey, made with ingredients widely used in Ayurvedic practise.

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Authentically Indian

We can’t give you his childhood memories but he can share his family’s delicious Chai recipes which capture the authentic taste of India and bring you the evocative aromas that would filled have his home.

Working with our expert tea blenders, Tea India® has created a range of four Chai blends – Masala, Cardamom, Ginger and Coconut – using fine Assam tea blended with spices captured in a tea bag. Delicious, warming and invigorating Chai made easy for you to enjoy every day.

Chai is at the heart of Tea India; it’s all that we do and with our blender’s memories, knowledge and expertise, we invite you to enjoy the authentic taste of India. Each sip will evoke the sights and sounds of the landscapes of India.

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