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Polly’s Petals was born from a love of flowers. The colours, the smells and the textures of flower petals is extraordinary, they can be kind to our bodies and are friendly to the environment. With modern day living most of us have forgotten how natural plants around us can heal our body and soul.

Most of know about flower petals being used for wedding confetti but flower petals can be used for so much more. I am fascinated by the different types of flowers and finding their healing properties, these exquisite natural plants can help ease symptoms like eczema, circulatory problems, digestion, blood pressure, energy, stress, help with anti-ageing and much more.

I want to give my customers a platform to buy flowers and petals for many different uses.  Whether you are decorating a cake with flower petals, making cocktails with flowers that turn your gin from blue to purple, showering a happy couple on their wedding day, drinking flowers in tea, rubbing essence on your skin or soaking your stress away in the bath with petals, mother nature is amazing. Let your imagination run wild and feed your soul.