Fizz – Happy Heart Flow Yoga

Her Flow Came From The Beat Of Her Heart

My yoga journey ..

I was born with a rare form of congenital heart disease, which meant I had numerous heart surgeries to help me find my Prana ‘ life force energy’.

In my early teenage years, at just 14 years old, I was encouraged to try yoga as a coping mechanism with living with this chronic condition. I was told by my cardiologist that I had to find a way to learn to breathe and support my heart. As I would find it difficult to slow my heart rate down, especially after extensive exercise and over time day to day living became harder from relapses in my health but then that’s where yoga truly healed everything.

Yoga was not only a rehabilitation tool for my heart, but also after a childhood of heart surgeries, I also discovered I had mild scoliosis (a curviture of the spine) at University. The pain of sitting in lectures was undoubtably tough, but again Yoga supported me to deal with the pain. Yoga not only helped me physically but also mentally – as for a while I felt lost. 

Yoga helped me rediscover my self worth and self love again and Ayurveda ( sister science to yoga) became my way of life. This way of life made me rediscover the meaning of life again.

After a battle of anxiety with my body and heart scars “my zippers as I call them now” I now look at myself as a wellness warrior and a happiness viber 🙂 

She says..

I honestly believe I was born with a broken heart to be fixed through yoga, Ayurveda and spiritual awakening. Sounds silly I know, but if you have been through something- its tough to not notice you’re different and life can often be a struggle. I didn’t find Yoga and Ayurveda, I truly believe these ancient sciences found me.