Ombar Chocolate

After a tough yoga session or a busy morning at work, a sweet treat and cup of tea is just what you need to take five minutes for yourself. At Tea India, when we are treating ourselves to a soul healing moment, we love nothing more than an Ombar.

Most chocolate is made by roasting cacao at high heat, which reduces its natural goodness. The good people at Ombar make sure their cacao goes through a low-temp process, so it stays choc-full of the nutrients and rich flavours that nature intended. Made with live cultures and free of refined sugar and dairy, Ombar is chocolate you can feel good about.

They work hard to source plant-based, natural ingredients, minimally processed which are better for our bodies and the environment. Harnessing the power of raw cacao to retain its rich flavour and natural goodness you don’t need to feel so guilty about an Ombar indulgence. All of their ingredients are exceptional and they’re certified by the Soil Association.

There’s so many reasons why we love Ombar and why they are a sweet Soulmate for Tea India;

  1. Cacao is amazing. Science is continuing to unlock cacao’s secrets; we already know cacao contains more than 300 natural compounds making it a very complex food. The ancient civilisations knew cacao was remarkable, we’re just discovering why.
  1. They approach Ombar chocolate like a health food. They’ve taught us cacao is a healthy food, and all other Ombar ingredients are natural and minimally processed to deliver as much goodness as possible.
  1. It’s made by people with passion. Ombar started in a small kitchen, born out of the desire to bring the health benefits of cacao to people by redefining and redesigning chocolate as a healthy food.
  1. It’s ethical.Their whole supply chain reflects the ideals of Ombar, so they work closely with suppliers to ensure everyone, from farmers to exporters, are compensated fairly.
  1. It’s organic and vegan. Organic food is just better. A plant-based diet also makes a lot of good sense; not just because of the absence of the disease associated with typical non-vegan diets, but also for the planet – it’s the greenest way to live.