Spring Equinox Yoga

Soul Healing Yoga

The beginning of spring brings vitality…


The beginning of spring brings vitality. Just as Nature enters a cycle of renewal and growth, so too are we drawn to spring clean – to let go of the stagnant energy that may have accumulated over the Winter, to shed heavier layers of introspection and clean the body of all that doesn’t serve us any longer. This can be a time to welcome change, growth, revitalisation and renewal.

Spring won’t let me stay in the house any longer – I must get out and breathe the air deeply again!

– Gustav Mahler

Sunset Yoga

It can be truly beneficial to mark the passing of time by cultivating some personal rituals.

Here are a couple of suggestions for moving into Spring that have helped me align with Mama Nature’s natural rhythm and in turn, open up to the wonder of being alive!

Head Outdoors

Come out of hibernation – taking my asana practise outdoors is a year round pursuit but with lighter mornings and longer evenings, we have greater opportunity to take our bare feet and hands to the Earth and get rooted!

Outdoor Yoga in Spring

The practise doesn’t have to be yoga asana – just by moving, walking the dog, taking a stroll – feel as though the layers are peeling away – all that has been settled over the winter is now alive. All that is no longer needed can be shed. As your physical body uncurls from the rest, notice how much freedom there is in this expansion.

Try to get outdoors at the same time each day – sunrise is the perfect time for me. Quite often stepping out on the Earth before any other person has walked there means there are patterns in the cobwebs, the dew is still settled and the sense of calm, peace and quiet can be literally felt deep in the Soul. This is a great time of day to set the tone – to weave your dreams for the day ahead and set intentions.

Set Intentions: Sow some Seeds

A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.

– Ghandi

Springtime is fertile – what you plant will grow. If you plant a fig seed, don’t expect an apple tree to blossom! The same with our intentions – what you give your attention to will become your reality.

So why not cultivate abundance and acceptance and all the good things?!

Planting a seed can be a physical reminder of our daily pursuit of an exceptional life. Keep on the windowsill and each day, feed it goodness, nurture its expansion and watch its growth just as you witness your own.

Tea Leaves

Embrace Spring

So in essence, Spring is THE perfect time to find balance, to renew and restore and to harness the energetic power of Nature.

Take some time now to create your own personal cleanse, check in with what makes your Soul sing, seek out the benefits of the Great Outdoors and enjoy the abundance of vitality this time of year brings!

Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party.

– Robin Williams