Time to rest, reflect & recharge

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We’ve got everything you need to totally unwind this festive season

Let’s face it, we all need a break; time to rest, reflect & recharge.

If you need a little help unwinding this festive season remember you can enjoy a range of  relaxation practises from Tea India family members over on our You Tube channel. From Restorative Yoga with Jacqueline Wigglesworth to Gong Baths with Lara Cockayne we have six sessions to help you chill out, sleep well and totally relax.

Restorative Yoga with Jacqueline Wigglesworth

Restorative Yoga is designed to shift you away from daily stresses and into a deeply relaxing state. It’s a bit like hitting the ‘reset’ button, allowing yourself to switch off and breathe deep as your body gradually shifts into its parasympathetic nervous sytem where your whole being is at rest and able to recharge itself. In the session Jacqueline guides you through this very chilled experience, weaving in occasional wisdom and quotes to inspire you. You will leave feeling renewed, with a healthy body, a peaceful mind and an enlightened spirit.

Gong Baths with Lara Cockayne

Enjoy the healing benefits of sound vibrations with Lara. You only need to be physically present in the gong space and with no effort required on your part, the effects and benefits are amazing! The sound and vibration work on a physical, emotional and spiritual level covering all bases and leaving no stone unturned. A gong bath can leave you feeling calm, relaxed, refreshed and with a general sense of wellbeing. It is said that an hours gong bathing can be equivalent to a good night’s sleep! There are 5 gong bath sessions avaiable for you to enjoy!

We hope you can take the time to ejoy these sessions and appreciate their healing benefits during the festive break.

Thank you to everyone who has bought and enjoyed our teas this year and we wish you all a very restful and restoratve festive season.