Turmeric Chai Banana Pancakes

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These are our favourite gluten-free pancakes, perfect for a morning treat that’s naturally sweet and infused with the taste of India.

Packed full of oats which are high in minerals, vitamin B and our go-to food to help with relieving stress, aids digestion and stabilizing blood sugar levels. Mixing that with anti-Inflammatory properties of turmeric and how it can improve brain function, wow what an amazing start to your day.

Ingredients to make 10 small or 5 medium pancakes

2 teabags of Tea India turmeric chai tea

200g of gluten-free oats

1 large banana

2 large eggs

A pinch of salt

350ml of milk

1tsp cinnamon

1 ½ tsp baking powder

Oil for frying (I prefer coconut as its lighter)


For serving

Maple syrup or honey

Fresh fruit



First place your milk and tea bags in a saucepan and simmer for 5 mins as you want all the spicy goodness from the turmeric tea bags to flavour and colour your milk.


Leave this to cool for 20 mins or make the night before and keep in the fridge.

Now place all the ingredient into your blender and blend until it forms a thick smooth batter.

In a small non-stick frying pan or skillet brush with a little oil and put on the heat.

Once hot scoop some of the batter into your pan.  If you want all your pancakes to be a similar size then use a ¼ cup measure to scoop the batter with this will give you 10 small pancakes or use a ½ cup measure for 5 medium pancakes.

Fry your pancake on each side until golden then repeat for all your pancakes making sure you brush your pan with oil in-between each one.

Serve your pancakes with maple syrup, top with fresh fruit and with a tasty cup of chai tea.


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