What is Ayurveda?


About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the oldest-known system of medicine dating back over 5000 years, ultimately guiding us to a holistic way of life. As the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda not only aims to treat the root cause of illness but uniquely focuses on preventative healthcare as a lifestyle.

The wonderful teachings of Ayurveda can help us to maintain balance of our mind, body and emotional health through daily practices that are personalised to our individual mind-body type known as prakruti. Our prakruti is based on three bio-energetic forces called the doshas that are made of a combination of five elements, ether, air, fire, water and earth. The doshas (vata, pitta, kapha) work together to maintain regular mind-body functions, as well as influence our behaviours, habits, personality and physical appearance.

Ayurveda Dosha Types

By becoming familiar with our dosha type, we can be empowered to choose the foods, lifestyle and natural medicines that promote optimal health, happiness and creative growth. What’s more, when we understand that we are connected to everything around us (also influenced by the doshas), it means that we can create balance by staying in the ebb and flow of the seasonal changes, our environment, our relationships further supporting our wellbeing.

Which Dosha are you?

About Geeta Vara

Tea India are working with Geeta Vara, a British-born Practitioner, who has been practicing Ayurveda in London and around the world since 2008 after qualifying with a BSc and PG Dip in Ayurvedic Medicine from Middlesex University.

Inspired by her Indian roots, Ayurveda is not only her area of expertise, but a true passion and her mission is to promote conscious living and empower people to be the healthiest version of themselves. She believes that even the simplest dietary or lifestyle changes that are aligned to your prakruti can reap some amazing health benefits.

The Ayurvedic Inspired Tea India Range

With the growing popularity of our chai tea range, this ancient philosophy of Ayurveda has inspired Tea India’s expansion into a new range of blends, designed to nurture holistic balance.

If you are new to Ayurveda, don’t worry, these three gorgeous blends are a perfect introduction to your Ayurvedic journey and will leave you feeling cleansed, nourished and energised.

We are generally influenced by a dominance of one or two of the three doshas, vata, pitta and kapha, so you can select a tea that’s perfect for you. Since teas provide year round refreshment, you can also select the tea to stayed balanced for the season, the time of day, your mood or simple because you have fallen in love with one or all of these special blends. Each tea blend has been mindfully prepared based on the principles of the three doshas.

Harmony & Balance

With grounding, warming and nourishing ingredients including, ginger, tulsi and cinnamon the Harmony & Balance blend is perfect for Vata dosha balancing and great all year round but particularly in the Autumn.

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Peace & Calm

Creating a cooling and calming effect, the Peace & Calm blend is a perfect option for pitta dosha balancing and a great choice for the summer with its blend of fennel, camomile, peppermint, coriander and rose petal.

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Vitality & Energy

Combining a delicious blend of ginger, cinnamon, tulsi and turmeric, the Vitality & Energy blend is designed to stimulate and energise the kapha dosha and a perfect option for the winter and spring seasons.

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Which Dosha Are you?