What yoga means to me… By Emma Carter

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As a child, I explored  the outdoors – climbed trees, tumbled  in waves, walked  slowly and carefully across rocks and moorland, over sandy beaches and through ancient woodlands. I noticed the miniature lifeforms beneath barefoot and marvelled at huge empty skies.  I felt Mother Natures embrace and this connection with elements was all I needed.  I didn’t know how this feeling related to the rest of the world, I didn’t know if anyone else felt it. I just knew this was ‘Home’ and I could always come here.

I knew I wanted to explore this connection, explore the mystical, ecological and ancient traditions of the world, to explore this incredible planet and do my best to serve Her. I knew I wanted to live the life of my dreams although I didn’t really know if this was possible.

As a young woman, I wasn’t  attracted to wordly goods, I had little desire to complete school, go to university, buy a property, get married. These things have happened and are no less worthy but I have always longed for something beyond the mundane. I have sought inspiration in travel overseas. I have taken jobs in far flung places, and immersed myself in curious communities. I have sought out ecological projects, adventured in places of exquisite beauty and powerful hot spots attracting pilgrims for years. I have gazed at sunrises and sunsets, shared these moments with others and felt deep Presence of the Heart.

And then Yoga found me and I began to realise that this connection and seeking experiences of the Heart can be achieved without looking outwards – that the real work begins within.

Yoga provides a framework for me. The lessons have been passed down through my teachers and by embodying the Eight Limbs and gracefully incorporating the ancient practises into my life, I am learning equilibrium.  I am learning to welcome the challenges no matter how uncomfy, to seek the wisdom in suffering and to know that everything is here to help us. I am learning to honour the whispers of Spirit in myself, to recognise my own unique rhythm and in turn, I am learning to recognise the wisdom and Beauty in all those that surround me and in every living Being.  Yoga has provided me the tools.

We are all unique, the work is different for each of us. This is the magic. This is the Yoga. Tapping in to what makes us shine as individuals with clarity, resilience and Heart.  For me, providing space and safety for others to explore their Beauty and rhythm is a gift and something I share with gratitude and humility.

I am delighted to provide Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Simple Meditation to individuals or groups. I teach SUP Yoga and absolutely love this fun practise. I am based in Portland, Dorset, UK.

My hope is that we move through life with a sense of curiosity and joy. That we can be of service to one another and to live from the Heart with integrity, honesty and clarity. My hope is we find freedom.

Join Emma at 8am on Sunday 21st June on our Instagram Live to Reconnect to Nature and Feel Renewed. Visit here for the full agenda for International Yoga Day