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You are Kapha dominant

Kapha types have a broad or stocky frame, and are physically strong. You are likely to have large ‘soft’ eyes, a calming voice, wavy hair and smooth skin. You are easy going, relaxed, reliable, faithful, calm and compassionate. You tend not to judge and are usually forgiving in nature, you tend not to anger or get upset quickly. You tend to move and speak slowly and gracefully. You have strong and sustainable energy and endurance and enjoy long distant running or outdoor sports.

You may take a while to absorb information but you have an excellent long-term memory. You have a slow but steady digestion but can drawn to overeat. You tend to have a robust immune system. You tend to hold on to people and possessions and are a creature of habit and comfort. You are thrifty and savvy with money. You are prone to increased weight and low moods. You tend not to like cold damp weather and are prone to health issues including cold, congestion, and other respiratory issues.

Stay in balance:

  • Maintain a light to moderate diet (2 meals a day is still satisfying)
  • Limit sweet foods (including too much fruit) – honey is ok
  • Eat only when you feel hunger and avoid over-indulgence
  • Reduce heavy foods, including meats, cheeses, sweet, processed and fried foods
  • Choose foods that are light, dry and warm and include the bitter, pungent or astringent tastes
  • Opt for a predominantly plant-based diet – lots of light cooked seasonal vegetables and legumes
  • Opt for more pungent and heating spices (pepper, ginger, clove, cayenne, mustard, cinnamon etc.)
  • Drink only warm water – ginger tea is great as it is mildly stimulating
  • Keep the body warm and dry – get some sun
  • Move more – engage in energetic exercise routines
  • Stimulate the body with dry body brushing
  • Stimulate the mind – listen to invigorating music and wear warm and vibrant colours
  • Engage in energising breathing exercises
  • Limit sleep to maximum 8 hours a night, avoid ‘lying in’ and daytime napping
  • De-clutter often

Try these teas that match your dosha

Vitality & Energy

Vitality and Energy

A great blend to balance your Kapha dosha is Tea India’s ‘Vitality and Energy’. A blend of ginger, cinnamon, tulsi and turmeric. Turmeric is bitter and astringent and balancing for kapha and cleansing for the blood/circulatory system. Ginger and turmeric are said to aid digestion which will increase energy levels promoting a feeling of vitality.

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We are totally unique beings and wellness extends far beyond the surface of our dominant dosha type. To learn more about Ayurveda join the Tea India community via your favourite social media platform. We’ll be posting lots of hints and tips to make your Ayurvedic journey easy to start and interesting to continue. You can also discover more about the personalised and preventative health with Ayurveda by contacting Tea India soul mate Geeta Vara

Ginger Chai

Tea India’s Ginger Chai is perfect for those with a Kapha dosha. A warming blend of black tea with spicy ginger for a truly distinctive Chai experience.

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Our Chai range can be enjoyed made with freshly boiled water with or without milk. You can also make a natural Chai latte by simmering the teabag in milk or your favourite dairy free alternative. Visit our serving suggestions for more ideas on how to enjoy our Chai range