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You are Pitta dominant

The pitta person has a medium, well-built physique. You may have fair, reddish skin and sometimes with freckles and catch the sun very easily. You often struggle in hot weather, perspire easily. You enjoy competitive sports and are brave and adventurous by nature. You have a focused, determined and sharp mind and able to perform under pressure. You are orderly, assertive and self confident and make a good business leader and public speaker. You have a strong appetite and digestion and get ‘hangry’ if you miss a meal.

You are witty, joyful, passionate, secretly sensitive and romantic when in balance. You enjoy a challenge and can be competitive and impatient, but can also be demanding, dominating, easily irritated, angry and pushy when out of balance. You are susceptible to acidity, inflammatory issues and skin irritations.

Stay in balance:

  • Keep regularity and routine to your day
  • Keep your body/mind cool and calm
  • Avoid too much exposure to the sun but spend plenty of time in nature
  • Maintain moderate level and less competitive forms of exercise. Yoga and swimming are great
  • Choose cooling and satisfying foods that have a sweet, bitter and astringent tastes
  • Cooling foods include, coconut, mint, cucumber, watermelon, aloe vera, milk, ghee
  • Opt for plenty of ripe and sweet seasonal fruits (avocado, coconut, melon, berries, grapes, pomegranate, banana)
  • Do not skips meals and eat consciously, do not eat when angry or frustrated
  • You should have a strong digestion, so include plenty or grains, legumes, vegetables and dairy (milk, ghee, buttermilk)
  • Engage in cooling and mind calming breathing exercises and meditation
  • Relax and calm the mind with a cooling coconut oil massage.
  • Listen to relaxing music and surround yourself with sweet/cooling scents such as mint, rose and jasmine
  • Make time to play, laugh and have fun

Peace and Calm

Peace and Calm is the perfect Tea India blend for a Pitta dosha. A blend of fennel, camomile, peppermint, coriander and rose petal. Fennel is known for relieving tension in muscles whilst camomile said to soothe the nervous system, promoting a feeling of complete peace and calm.

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We are totally unique beings and wellness extends far beyond the surface of our dominant dosha type. To learn more about Ayurveda join the Tea India community via your favourite social media platform. We’ll be posting lots of hints and tips to make your Ayurvedic journey easy to start and interesting to continue. You can also discover more about the personalised and preventative health with Ayurveda by contacting Tea India soul mate Geeta Vara

Cardamom Chai

Tea India’s Cardamom Chai is also perfect for those with a Pitta Dosha. An exotic and aromatic blend of black tea with cardamom for a truly distinctive Chai experience.

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Our Chai range can be enjoyed made with freshly boiled water with or without milk. You can also make a natural Chai latte by simmering the teabag in milk or your favourite dairy free alternative. Visit our serving suggestions for more ideas on how to enjoy our Chai range