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You are Vata dominant

Physically, vata types are likely to have a slender frame, and often short or tall with prominent bones and veins. Your hair and skin can be thin and dry and you tend to not perspire much. You walk fast, talk fast, have strong bursts of energy so may tend to overexert yourself and tire easily. You often get cold hands and feet and are generally sensitive to the cold weather.

When in balance you’re excitable, agile, lively, fun, enthusiastic, spontaneous, imaginative and creative. You have a variable appetite, irregular meal patterns and daily routine. Sleep is generally light. You are quick to grasp information but can just as quickly forget. Your mood can vary and your thoughts might be erratic. You respond to stress with fear, worry and anxiety and have a tendency to fidget.

Stay in balance:

  • Establish a routine with eating, don’t skip meals, don’t overeat, moderate portions, eat slowly
  • Regulate your sleep patterns (get an early night!)
  • Have wholesome, fresh, warming and nourishing foods – cooked foods digest best
  • Choose calming and nurturing environments (noisy environments can be disturbing)
  • Choose foods that are naturally sweet, sour and salty (e.g. ripe and sweet fruits/roasted veggies)
  • Opt for warming spices and drink warm water/herbal teas
  • Engage in creative arts
  • Create structure to your working day and resist distraction
  • Stay hydrated with fluids (water and oils)
  • Keep warm and do warm oil body massage, relax in a hot bath
  • Do gentle exercise/movements such as walking, tai chi, yoga and meditate more

Harmony & Balance

Harmony & Balance is the perfect Tea India blend to balance a Vata Dosha. A blend of tulsi, fennel, cinnamon and ginger. Tulsi is known as Holy Basil and is considered as one of the most sacred Ayurvedic herbs in India due to its restorative and spiritual properties. Known as the ‘Queen of Herbs’ it is believed to promote long life and is taken as an elixir to promote balance and resilience to all life’s challenges. Fennel is a key ingredient for digestive discomfort as it acts as a fantastic carminative (a herb or preparation intended to either prevent formation of gas) – bloating and gas is something vata types are prone to.

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We are totally unique beings and wellness extends far beyond the surface of our dominant dosha type. To learn more about Ayurveda join the Tea India community via your favourite social media platform. We’ll be posting lots of hints and tips to make your Ayurvedic journey easy to start and interesting to continue. You can also discover more about the personalised and preventative health with Ayurveda by contacting Tea India soul mate Geeta Vara

Masala Chai

Tea India’s Masala Chai is also perfect for those with a Vata Dosha. A rich, warming blend of black tea, cinnamon, cloves and anise for a truly distinctive Chai experience.

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Our Chai range can be enjoyed made with freshly boiled water with or without milk. Those with a Vata dosha will benefit from a Masala Chai made with a lot of milk. A Chai latte can be made simply by simmering a teabag in milk or your favourite dairy free alternative for 5 minutes. Visit our serving suggestions for more ideas on how to enjoy our Chai range